2018 In Review, A Year End Update.

Morse Energy Capital Partners exited 2018 raising more than $100 million in committed capital and with over $50 million deployed in 2018

Morse Energy Capital Partners (“Morse Energy”, or “the Firm”), a Denver-based private equity firm focused on the oil and gas sector, announced that the Firm raised over $100 million in committed capital and deployed over $50 million of investment capital across five new E&P investments in 2018. The deals represent the successful deployment of capital into assets which through a comprehensive diligence process were identified as deeply discounted by markets and offered substantial upside via strong cash on cash returns from current cash flow as well as significant capital appreciation potential.

The Firm has identified multiple privately negotiated deals still available in the market today that offer similarly attractive investment opportunities.  Morse Energy continues to seek investment opportunities where it can leverage its strong reputation and operational expertise to invest in transactions in the lower middle market where access to capital is limited and the Firm can optimize for strong returns at a lower risk. The Morse Energy funds target privately-negotiated, structured equity, credit, and asset level investments.

“Our strategy of opportunistically investing in undervalued assets and optimizing them proved to be extremely effective in the course of 2018,” said Morse Energy Capital Partners President and Founder Brad Morse. “We continue to see opportunity and balance sheet distress in the space, and we believe 2019 will be a transformative year for the Firm.”