Doug Sandridge has over 40 years experience in petroleum land management, regulatory compliance and oil and gas marketing. Doug is Senior Vice President of Fulcrum Energy Capital Funds where he principally manages land, regulatory, environmental and community engagement activities relating to Gondola Resources, LLC’s oil and gas assets located in the North Park Basin, Jackson County, Colorado. Prior to joining Fulcrum, Doug was an independent consultant for SandRidge Exploration & Production Company, LLC, focused on their North Park Colorado properties. Doug was previously Vice President of Land and a partner in EE3 LLC. Prior to EE3, Doug worked for Forest Oil Corporation, Ellora Energy, LLC, Burk Royalty Co., Ltd., Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation and Petro-Lewis Corporation.

Doug graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Petroleum Land Management in May 1982. In 2011, Doug earned his Master of Science Degree in Global Energy Management from the University of Colorado – Denver. Doug is the founder of EnergyPolicyUS, an organization which promotes non-partisan energy education. Doug lectures extensively at various universities about energy and is an adjunct professor at the University of Oklahoma.